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MicrochippingHomeAgain Microchipping

We've all seen the sad lost pet notices posted throughout our neighborhoods. Getting lost is more than an inconvenience: It's the number one cause of pet death.

Studies have shown more than 10 million pets get lost each year and about 90% of those found would not be returned to their owner if they hadn't had some form of permanent lost pet identification.

This is why the team at Smith Veterinary Hospital considers the HomeAgain microchip lost pet ID to be a necessary standard of protection for your pet. The HomeAgain ID system uses microchips that register the animal with a unique identification number filed in a database with important contact information. This information can be updated at any time.

HomeAgain membership also offers benefits such as proactive pet recovery and free access to ASPCA Poison Control. HomeAgain also comes with a number of useful services for pet owners, such as their National Pet Recovery Database, Lost Pet Specialists, Rapid Lost Pet Alerts, Lost Pet Medical Insurance, Travel Assistance for Found Pets, and more.

With a microchip, your pet can be identified quickly and easily by animal control officers, shelters or at veterinary hospitals around the world. Microchips are safe, unalterable and permanent identification for pets. The implant procedure takes less than 10 seconds.

Your Trusted Lancaster Veterinary Pharmacy

Our commitment to your pet's health is also reflected in our fully stocked in-house pharmacy. When it comes to prescription medications, accurate dosage and administration is of the utmost importance. As your pet's prescribing veterinarian, you can trust that when you fill prescriptions at our pharmacy your pet will receive the right medication, at the right dose, in the right form as quickly as possible. We will also provide you with detailed instructions on the medication's use, discuss any side effects or interactions and even administer the first dose for you if possible.

At our Lancaster veterinary pharmacy, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products and Heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of you and your pet. For your convenience, we also carry Hill's Science Diet prescription pet food.

Refills are easy, as well - simply request a refill online or give us a call.

End-of-Life Support

Euthanasia and tending to your pet's remains are two of the most difficult issues for many people to consider. Asking questions about end-of-life care means confronting fear, guilt and grief.

Euthanasia methods are designed to cause minimal pain and distress. Talk to a veterinarian or staff member at Smith Veterinary Hospital about pet euthanasia long before it becomes an issue. Consider your options, talk to us about our crematory service, make key decisions ahead of time, and ask us to add this information to your pet's record.

Taking the time to plan, as challenging as it may be, will lessen the pain and discomfort for you and your pet in the event this option must be considered. All of us at Smith Veterinary Hospital will do our best to help you prepare for these important issues with the compassion and sensitivity they require.

For more information about our pet owner services in Los Angeles County or to schedule an appointment at Smith Veterinary Hospital, please call our Lancaster, CA veterinary hospital at (661) 948-5065.